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Wow, what a fantastic GGFOA annual conference! Wasn’t it fun? What was your favorite part? Mine HAD to be all the cool trivia and the thrill of the mad dash to send that email with the correct answer just for a chance to get one of those gift cards!

Obviously, we attended the conference for those CPEs and CEUs, but if you stop and think about it, how far would we have progressed with the virtual conference were it not for our faithful and fearless technology host? The one who kindly reminded us we were on mute or needed to change this or fix that so we could hear, or so people could hear us? The gentle voice that advised you to use that audio setting instead of the other one. The kind and smiling face unashamedly bopping along to Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”? Can’t see the polling question? No problem. Answer in the chat. 350 answers to a question in the chat all at once? He found the 5th correct answer in a matter of seconds. One person out of 125 people needs to be on panelist view? Done. Trivia question on the fly? He’s all over it.

David Lakly, dubbed DJ Dave during week 1 of conference, is the silvery-voiced technology host/wizard who led us on a smoothly-sailed journey through the uncharted territory of the first week of our 35th annual virtual conference. Panelists and attendees agree, the tech and Zoom guru did a phenomenal job at keeping us all in line and informed with what we needed to know about links, announcements, and upcoming events. And can we all just take a moment to appreciate DJ Dave’s musical selections for the week? Did you leave your audio on during the breaks like I did so you could hear the music? I asked about booking him for my next event, but he politely declined stating he was not, in fact, a DJ on the side. Disappointing as that may be, I think we can all agree his music selections for the in-between-session breaks were impeccable.

All kidding aside, David Lakly was an outstanding choice for our conference technology host. Professional, cool, collected, polite, prepared, and ready for absolutely anything, Dave did an awesome job and deserves all the recognition, praise, accolades, high-fives, and atta-boys we can send his way. Thank you, Dave for all you did to make the first week of our first GGFOA virtual conference a success!

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Donna Todd
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Putnam County Board of Commissioners


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