Build a Better Budget with CSLF's Next Public Finance Course

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The budget process is one the most laborious, yet important parts of government work. Once adopted the budget morphs into a policy document that communicates a city’s or county’s initiatives and priorities to employees and the public. On Nov. 1-4, the Center for State and Local Finance (CSLF) will host its Operating and Capital Budgeting course for city and county leaders who want to enhance this process. The course dives into how to effectively and strategically plan and develop the budget, and for the first time, the course will use OpenGov’s Budget Builder tool to breakdown and better understand the budget process. Lead faculty is Katherine Willoughby, a professor at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies, author of three books on public budgeting and recipient of the 2016 Aaron Wildavsky Award by the Association for Budgeting & Financial Management.

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Registration deadline: October 25, 2016, 5:00pm