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Background Checks & Fingerprinting For Non-Criminal Purposes

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GMA recently offered a series of regional workshops which included a section on the requirements for obtaining background checks for noncriminal purposes such as alcohol license and employment purposes. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation issued a new ruling in 2015 on the defined guidelines pertaining to the use, retention, security, description, and dissemination of Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) obtained for employment or licensing purposes as authorized by state or federal law.

In other words, the good old days of having our law enforcement agencies take the responsibility of fingerprinting and running background checks for alcohol licensees and employment applicants are gone. Local government agencies must now apply for their own Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) for submitting applicant fingerprints on behalf of noncriminal justice governmental agencies for employment or licensing purposes under a FBI-approved state or federal statute. All authorized non-criminal justice governmental agencies must have a FBI assigned ORI to submit requests for FBI fingerprint-based background checks.

So why is this such a big deal? Local governments are now responsible for ensuring that their personnel who have access to Criminal History Record Information receive Security Awareness Training and every two years thereafter. Local governments will be subject to an audit by the GBI/FBI to ensure compliance with the law. Don’t wait until you receive an alcohol license application to apply for a ORI number. It can take 4-6 weeks and you sure don’t want an alcohol license applicant to have to wait before opening their business.

For more information, view the GBI presentation video from one of our workshops at

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Article provided by:
Pam Helton, Director of Consulting Services
Georgia Municipal Association