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The Georgia Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) offers state agencies and local governments a portal to get the best value for taxpayer dollars. Below are descriptions of some of the available options.

Fuel Cards

The state’s fuel card system is supported by WEX, Inc. These fuel cards are accepted at vendors across the state of Georgia. The fuel card is tied to a vehicle and requires pin numbers for individual drivers. Your government will get a rebate for using the card. WEX provides software to assist you with analyzing fuel purchases and may assist with fraud control.

Indemnification Program

An indemnification program is offered for emergency service personnel such as police, fire, paramedics and similar job types. There are three types of benefits that may be received: death, permanent and partial disability.

Surplus Property

Local governments can enroll in the state’s surplus property program. Through this program you may be able to purchase state or federal surplus property at a more affordable price than when purchasing new.

Purchasing Card Program

The State of Georgia uses the Bank of America Visa Purchasing Card. No fees are required and the local government does not have to use Bank of America to participate. The program includes VISA liability protection which covers fraud and misuse if you identify the transaction within sixty days of the bill and ninety days from the purchase date. You can limit the vendors from which purchases may be made. Your government will receive a rebate for purchases. Also included is software to manage the card.

Georgia Procurement Registry for Local Governments

The Georgia Procurement Registry is the state’s central bid registry. This service offers suppliers the opportunity to bid on purchases made by state and local governments. State law requires purchases of $100,000 or more be advertised on the Georgia Procurement Registry. This applies to goods, services or both as well as public works construction contracts.

State Contracts

DOAS competitively bids many products and services and negotiates pricing for goods and services that are available to local governments. The volume of state purchases often results in the best pricing a local government might receive.

Visit the links provided and discover how to leverage the work of the Georgia Department of Administrative Services.

Written by:
Tracy Arner, M.Ed., CPA, CPFO
Financial Management Program Officer
University of Georgia, Carl Vinson Institute of Government