Miller Edwards, CPA
Mauldin & Jenkins, CPA

Partner In-Charge of Governmental Practice

Miller Edwards is a partner and a certified public accountant with Mauldin & Jenkins, CPA. His experience covers a variety of clients in federal, state, and local government. He is responsible for the firm-wide governmental practice division of Mauldin & Jenkins (the largest single niche of the firm) as well as the partner in-charge of the Macon office.

Miller also is a former multi-term member of the Firm’s Executive Committee which governs the actions and directions of the Firm. He is a current member of the Firm’s Audit & Accounting (A&A) Committee.

Miller has approximately 32 years’ experience in providing public accounting services to the governmental sector, all of which has occurred as an auditor with Mauldin & Jenkins.

Miller serves both large and small governmental units, and is involved directly (as lead partner) and indirectly (as quality control partner) in serving over 125 such governmental entities over the past several years. Miller has experience auditing governmental units in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee. As the partner in charge of the governmental practice, he has overseen and directed a very proactive growth in clients served by Mauldin & Jenkins since 1998 which currently include serving approximately 400 state and local governments in the Southeastern USA.

Miller has been an instructor/consultant for the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government since 2002, and provides continuing education to state and local government officials on the subjects of governmental accounting and financial reporting. He provides similar instructional services on behalf of the Georgia Government Finance Officers Association (GGFOA), the Government Finance Officers Association of South Carolina (GFOASC), the Government Finance Officers Association of Alabama (GFOAA), the Georgia Society of Certified Public Accountants (GSCPA), and the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants (SCACPA), and is often a guest speaker at various governmental trade shows, conventions, and governmental audit / accounting conferences. Miller also is the lead instructor at the Firm’s annual governmental conference and participates in the Firm’s periodic continuing education provided to governmental clients throughout each year covering a variety of subjects.

Miller was honored with the GGFOA’s award for “Outstanding Service to the GGFOA” during the annual conference held in Savannah in October 2003, recognizing his leadership and effort in providing training and instruction on various topics affecting local governmental entities. Further, on behalf of Mauldin & Jenkins, Miller accepted the GGFOA’s President’s Award recognizing Mauldin & Jenkins efforts in the governmental arena in Georgia as of October 2007.