Jim Browning
Assistant Vice President

Specialty Deposit Account Officer

Relationship Manager

East West Bank

As your dedicated Assistant Vice President – Specialty Deposit Account Officer - Business Development specializing in the public sector at East West Bank, Jim Browning assists local municipalities, school districts, counties, transportation authorities, universities, housing authorities, business owners and business leaders with their banking needs. Jim has over 37 years of diverse business experience in the government, banking, sales, marketing, information systems, training, business development, and operations on the national and regional/local levels.

Since leaving Coca-Cola in 2005, he has created seven companies and assisted companies from entrepreneurial to Fortune 500, creating and developing business strategies and organizational development plans. Throughout this journey, Jim focuses on business relationships, personal relationships and networking. Author of “Relationships Matter” and “LinkedIn for Business,” Jim has taught more than 15,000 people on the benefits of LinkedIn in business and job search. He is sought after as a lecturer and keynote speaker having spoken at ACPI, Right Management, ASTD, Georgia State