James Downing, Jr.
Vice President

Bolteo Health

James is the Vice President of Bolton Health and has over 22 years’ experience in Total Reward programs. His experience includes design, implementation, execution, administration and communication of all qualified and non-qualified retirement, health & welfare, as well as broad-based and executive compensation programs.

James has a passion for creative solutions in the Health and Welfare space that drive employee wellness, engagement, and education while at the same time maximizing value for organizations in a way that is sustainable and compliant. James has demonstrated this passion as a senior leader in the Health & Welfare discipline. In these roles he has driven global strategy, plan design, competitive positioning, cost optimization and utilization of all health & wellness programs and related large-scale projects. In addition, James has deep technical expertise on contemporary issues relevant to retirement programs. His experience includes managing retirement programs including 401(k), defined benefit pension plans, and non-qualified deferred compensation plans as large as $1.5 billion and 30,000 participants.

Before joining Bolton, James held several leadership and internal consulting positions of increasing responsibility with T. Rowe Price, Black & Decker Corporation, and McCormick & Company.