Daniel Berger
Quantitative Strategies Group

The PFM Group

Daniel Berger joined PFM in 2010 and is currently staffed in the Philadelphia office in PFM’s Quantitative Strategies Group. Dan works primarily providing specialized technical and quantitative solutions for various clients. His present duties include managing numerous internal analytical service offerings of the Quantitative Strategies Group, and leading in new analytical product development for the firm. Product development covers various functions such as strategic forecasting, debt management, and capital planning. These products have been used by institutions across multiple sectors, including the District of Columbia, University of Virginia, and the State of Maryland. Dan is also heavily involved as technical lead for PFM’s suite of linear optimized new money and refunding models, which have been used to size and structure over $25 billion in par.

Dan also operates as sector leader for the local government practice of PFM Solutions LLC affiliate’s Whitebirch software platform for strategic planning. Differentiated from accounting, ERP, budgeting and forecasting, and business intelligence software, Whitebirch unites all planning activities into a single institutional point of view to analyze the strategic ramifications of operating and capital initiatives. Dan manages a product offering specific to addressing the challenges that local governments place, offering functionality around debt, capital, pensions, credit, and labor, among other focal areas.

Dan graduated from The University of Pennsylvania with a B.S.E in Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to joining PFM, Mr. Berger worked as a technology analyst at JPMorgan Chase from 2007-2010.