Membership Profile

GGFOA serves the government finance profession of the state of Georgia. Founded in 1985, the association now has a membership of more than 750 finance professionals. GGFOA members are from state, county, and city governments as well as school districts, colleges, universities, authorities, specials districts, and private firms.

Membership Pie Graph

Government Finance—85 percent of membership
Includes finance officers or other representatives of cities and consolidated local governments, county governments, and other government entities such as the state, special districts, authorities, boards of education, and institutions of higher education.

Nongovernment Associates—15 percent of membership
Includes representatives from accounting and auditing, banking, investment banking, underwriting, debt management, legal, consulting and various other firms providing services to governments. In addition, this group includes educators, students, and others who have an interest in government finance.

Membership Map