General Session

Budgeting & Planning
in Uncertain Times

How to EXCEL in
a Financial World

Lease Accounting –
Analyzing and Journalizing


Internal Controls that Save
Your Government (and Your Job)


How Bright is Your Badge? Strategies
for Being Prepared for the Next Step

Preparing for the
Annual Audit

Human Capacity

GASB Review - Subscription Based
Information Technology Arrangements

GASB's Financial Reporting Model &
Revenue and Expense Recognition - Update

Are You in

Asset Accountability - Control, Financial
Reporting, Risk Mitigation & Audit Compliance

Investment Strategies
for Public Funds

Be...All That You Can Be:
Essential Evolution of Staff Training

Taking Responsibility for
Your Financial Statements

Lies, Damned Lies &
Economic Forecasts

Expanding Human Capacity
(2nd session)

Closing Remarks from
Incoming President

Let’s Connect –
Open Banking and APIs

Collecting Payments…
Automation, Reconciliation, Citizen Expectation

Why Procurement Folks
Ask So Many Questions

Detecting Cyber Threats
in Real Time

Knowing and Moving
Past Your Inner Critic

Total Cost of Ownership of
Operating a Fleet of Vehicles

Investing in a Low
Interest Rate Environment

How to Present Financial Information
to Non-Financial People

Federal Government Reporting
Requirements for Payroll

Cash Disbursement
Internal Controls

Achieving Excellence
in Financial Reporting

Actuarial Reviews:
Doing Your Part to Get Better Results

Financial Report Card –
Where Does Your Government Stand?

An Inconvenient Truth: Payment Fraud/
Cyber-Attacks Rising at Alarming Rates

Why Do I Need
a Financial Advisor?

The Power of Digital Wallets
as Secure Payment Tools

FHL Bank of Atlanta: How Our Products
& Services Can Make a Positive Impact

Actuarial Audits –
Pension and OPEB Plans

Bond Pricing Myths and Facts –
A Day in the Life of a New Bond

Health Insurance Cost
Saving Strategies

Improving Revenue Collections
for Utilities

Best Practices in
Debt Management


Rating Agencies
Credit Panel

Rate and Financial Planning 101
for Water & Wastewater Utilities